De facto unions in the Community of Madrid


What is it?
A de facto (Pareha de hecho) union is an affective union of two natural persons, regardless of their sexual orientation, who coexist in a stable way, in an affective relationship analogous to the conjugal one.

Who can?
People who:

1. Are of legal age or emancipated minors.
2. Live together as a couple in a free, public and notorious way.
3. They have been living together in a stable way, at least, for an uninterrupted period of twelve months (if you have just canceled a previous registration, remember that to request a new one you must wait twelve months from the date of cancellation either with the same or with a different couple).
4. At least one of the members of the de facto union must be registered and have its residence in one of the municipalities of the Community of Madrid.
5. Your marital status must be one of the following: Single, widowed, divorced or judicially separated.
6. The members of the couple are not united by kinship (up to the third degree).
7. Do not form a de facto union with another person.
8. The de facto union is not registered in the Registry of another Autonomous Community (if it is registered in the registry of another Community, you must cancel said registration and wait twelve months if you want to register in the Community of Madrid with a different partner. it’s the same couple, you don’t have to wait twelve months).
9. Not be affected by a deficiency or mental anomaly that does not allow valid consent to the union.

Request for an appointment,00%20a%2022%3A00%20horas.


For the different services provided by the Registry, you must request an appointment:

· General information about the Registration of De facto unions.
· Application for cancellation of registration.
· Application for marginal registration.
· Collection of notification and request for certificates. *
· Collection of notifications in the afternoon (15: 00-17: 00).

Request your appointment through the telephone channel 012, the online chat and the email at the following hours:

– From Monday to Friday without holidays from 08:00 to 22:00.
– Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Outside these hours, the voicemail will be enabled where you can leave your contact information and 012 will return your call within a maximum period of two business days.

Remember: for services that require the payment of a fee (cancellation, marginal registration and certificates) on the day of the appointment, you must present proof of payment made.
* If you only need a certificate and you justify the urgency of it, you can also go without an appointment.

Appointment request for registration in the Registry

The members of the union must complete the form “Request for an appointment to register in the Register of De facto unions of the Community of Madrid” (see section Management / Application) and present it with all the required documentation (except the proof of the fee paid which will be presented on the day of registration) at the Registration Assistance Offices or in any place established in article 16.4 of Law 39/2015 of October 1 on the Common Administrative Procedure of Public Administrations, or by Internet (See how to process) through the “Management” section.

To submit the application and documentation online, through the electronic registry of the Ministry, it is necessary to have an electronic DNI or one of the electronic Certificates recognized by the Community of Madrid.

The certificates will be valid for three months from their issuance, having to comply with this validity requirement on the date of the presentation of the request for appointment for registration in the Register of De facto unions.


What do you need to present?

The required documentation (original and photocopy are requested) is the following:

1. NIF or NIE, Passport (complete) or valid residence card of the applicants and two witnesses (relatives or friends over 18 years of age). Witnesses can present a copy and on the day of registration provide the original.
2. Certification of the municipal register issued by the City Council where they reside. Flyers will not be accepted.
3. Proof of emancipation, in the case of minors.
4. Certificate of civil status. For more information on certificates see the additional information section.


It is necessary to provide a model 030 fee paid. The fee paid is delivered on the day of the appointment.

The payment of the fee will be made by self-assessment, prior to the date of registration in one of the collaborating depository entities of the Community of Madrid, recommending that it be made between 2 and 7 days prior to the day of registration.

The cost of the registration fee is € 82.12.

To obtain certificates by electronically paying fees and in-person collection, you must go to the Registry of Unions of Hech

or after 48 hours from the telematic payment, since until then we cannot verify the entry in our system.

What do you need to know for the day of registration?

On the day of the appointment, the members of the union must go to the Registry of De facto unions at Calle Los Madrazo, 34 together with the two witnesses of legal age, in full exercise of their civil rights, who will prove by means of an affidavit the prior free, public, notorious and uninterrupted coexistence for at least twelve months, of the members of the de facto union in relationship of affectivity.

The maximum capacity, on the day of registration, will be 8 people (couple and witnesses included), identified by ID, Passport or valid residence card.

How to request a certificate

This certificate can be requested by any of the de facto union members, their successors in title (person who succeeds or is subrogated in the rights of another by virtue of a title) and the Judges and Courts of Justice.

– By Internet:

The documentation to be submitted will only be the application (see Management section in the right column of this file), although prior identification with a DNIe or one of the electronic Certificates recognized by the Community of Madrid is required.

The certificate requested online (SERI) requires the prior payment of the certificate fee (form 030 that you will find in the Management / Fees section in the right column). The cost of the fee for registration certificates will be € 12.24 or € 21.42 if it is a certificate with effects abroad (the latter is only issued in person).

The certificate will be obtained immediately, through the Immediate Response Service.

The validity of this certificate issued automatically can be verified by the secure verification code printed on it.

– In person:

In the case of a face-to-face application, both the application and the following documentation are necessary:

1. DNI, passport or residence card (valid documents) of the applicant.
2. Declaration of heirs in the event that the applicant is his successor in title.
3. Proof of payment of the fee (form 030 that you will find in the Management / Fees section in the right column). The cost of the fee for registration certificates will be € 12.24 or € 21.42 if it is a certificate with effects abroad (the latter is only issued in person).

You can submit your application at any of the Assistance Offices in Registration Matters of the Community of Madrid, of the General Administration of the state, of other Autonomous Communities, of City Councils of the Community of Madrid attached to the Network of Integrated Offices of Attention to Citizen, Post Offices and Diplomatic Representations or Consular Offices of Spain abroad.

You can also request a certificate by going to the Registry without a previous appointment justifying the urgency of it.


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