Study in Spain

In this section some basic considerations are collected and the links are compiled in which to expand information on the matter.

Spain is home to some of the most prestigious business schools in the world, as well as having a wide network of universities and being the maximum recipient of exchange students within the Erasmus program. If we also take into account that Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world, our country is a relevant destination in terms of educational offer.


How to study in Spain

Foreign citizens who wish to remain in Spain to study or expand studies, carry out research or training activities, unpaid internships, participate in student exchanges or carry out volunteer services, must obtain the corresponding visa, which will include the initial authorization of stay in Spain. However, nationals of certain countries are exempt from obtaining a visa as long as the duration of the stay in Spain does not exceed three months.


Procedures in Spain

When the duration of the authorized stay exceeds six months, foreign citizens holding a visa to study or extend studies, carry out research or training activities, unpaid internships, student exchange or volunteer services, must request, in within a month from entering Spain, the foreign student card at the corresponding Foreigners Office or Police Station.


Citizens of the European Union

EU citizens and their families, provided that the latter travel or meet with said citizens, are subject to a specific legal regime derived from the rights recognized by the Treaties.

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