Reports from Autonomous Communities and Local Entities in immigration procedures – The reports issued by other administrations within the procedures of residence, residence and work authorizations and family reunification. The Regulation of Organic Law 4/2000, on the rights and freedoms of foreigners in Spain and their social integration, approved by Royal Decree 557/2011, of April 20, establishes the possibility of submitting four types of reports, which are the competence of the Autonomous Communities, although in two of them (roots and adequate housing) they can establish these that are issued by the Local Entities.


The Rooting Report

One of the requirements of social roots is to have family ties with other resident foreigners or, failing that, to present a report of roots that proves their social integration.

That is, one of them must be accredited, so if you have family ties with other resident foreigners, referring to spouses or registered domestic partners, first degree ascendants and descendants and directly online, it will not be necessary to request the report.

Both documents will be necessary, however, only when the report exempts the foreigner from the need to have a work contract as long as it proves that he has sufficient means of life.

The report is issued by the Autonomous Community in which you have your habitual residence or by the City Council of your place of residence in the event that the Autonomous Community has so established. The deadline for issuing the report is 30 days from the request date.

Below you can find information on where to request an arraigo report according to the Autonomous Community of your place of residence:

Andalucía Ayuntamiento
Aragón Ayuntamiento
Asturias Ayuntamiento
Cantabria Ayuntamiento
Castilla y León Ayuntamiento
Castilla-La Mancha Ayuntamiento
Cataluña Generalitat Departamento de Bienestar Social y Familia
Ceuta Ciudad Autónoma Consejería de Asuntos Sociales
Comunidad Valenciana Ayuntamiento
Extremadura Ayuntamiento
Galicia Ayuntamiento
Islas Baleares Ayuntamiento
Islas Canarias Comunidad Autónoma Consejería de Bienestar Social, Juventud y Vivienda
La Rioja Ayuntamiento
Madrid Comunidad Autónoma Dirección General de Inmigración (Consejería de Asuntos Sociales)
Melilla Ciudad Autónoma Consejería de Asuntos Sociales
Murcia Ayuntamiento
Navarra Ayuntamiento
País Vasco Gobierno Vasco Dirección de Inmigración y Gestión de la Diversidad (Departamento de Empleo y Asuntos Sociales)

In the event that the report has not been issued on time, a circumstance that must be duly accredited by the interested party, this requirement may be justified by any means of proof admitted by Law, including, at least, the minimum data of the report.

Among other factors of roots, the report must include the length of stay of the interested party in his habitual residence, in which he must be registered, the economic means with which he has, the ties with family members residing in Spain and the integration efforts to through the monitoring of socio-labor and cultural insertion programs.

An indicative model of the rooted report is attached below, which contains the minimum content that must be included in this type of report, in case it may be useful to the competent administrations.

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