Tourism in Spain

Spain is the first destination in the world for holiday tourism and the second most visited country in the world.

Spain is one of the main tourist destinations in the world, thanks to the various attractions that our country has. In this sense, it is important to point out that our country is the second in the world with the most World Heritage cities, the third in number of natural spaces declared Biosphere Reserves or the one with the most blue beaches in the entire Northern Hemisphere. These are just some examples of the attractions that Spain offers to its visitors, although they can learn more about it in this link, where you will find all the tools to organize and enjoy your visit to Spain.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation indicates the requirements and documentation necessary for your visit to Spain through the following links:

– Citizens of the European Union, other States party to the European Economic Area or Switzerland will find all the necessary information at this link.

– Citizens of countries outside the European Union, other States that are part of the European Economic Area or Switzerland may consult the information at this link.

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