Work in Spain

Here are some guidelines for those citizens who intend to work in Spain.

Foreign citizens who intend to carry out any lucrative, labor or professional activity in Spain must meet the following requirements:
– Be over sixteen years of age, unless the work activity is carried out on their own, in which case, it is required to be over eighteen years old

– Obtaining the corresponding prior authorization to reside and work in Spain. Such authorization must be requested by the employer that offers the employment contract.

– Obtaining a visa once the residence and work authorization has been issued


What should a foreign worker do when he arrives in Spain?

Upon arrival in Spain, foreign workers must:

– Cause registration in the corresponding Social Security Scheme

– Apply for the foreigner identity card


Citizens of the European Union and their families, provided that the latter travel or meet with said citizens, are subject to a specific legal regime based on the rights recognized by the Treaties.

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