All The Forms available in Immigration

In this section you can download the official models, required for the initiation of procedures regarding the documentation of foreigners in Spain regulated by Organic Law 4/2000 on the rights and freedoms of foreigners in Spain and their social integration.

  • Modelo EX00  – Request for authorization of stay and extensions.
  • Modelo EX01  – Application for non-profit temporary residence authorization.
  • Modelo EX02  – Application for temporary residence authorization for family reunification.
  • Modelo EX03  – Application for temporary residence and employment authorization.
  • Modelo EX04  – Application for residence authorization for internships.
  • Modelo EX05  – Application for temporary residence and work authorization Blue-EU Card.
  • Modelo EX06  – Application for temporary residence and employment authorization for a fixed-term employee.
  • Modelo EX07  – Application for authorization of temporary residence and self-employment.
  • Modelo EX08  – Application for temporary residence and work authorization within the framework of transnational provision of services.
  • Modelo EX09  – Request for authorization to stay or temporary residence with the exception of the work authorization.
  • Modelo EX10  – Application for residence or residence and work authorization due to exceptional circumstances.
  • Modelo EX11  – Application for long-term or long-term residence authorization-EU.
  • Modelo EX12  – Application for authorization to work.
  • Modelo EX13  – Request for return authorization.
  • Modelo EX14  – Request for a prior report for temporary displacement of foreign minors.
  • Modelo EX15  – Application for Foreigner Identity Number (NIE) and Certificates.
  • Modelo EX16  – Application for Registration Certificate or Travel Certificate.
  • Modelo EX17  – Application for a Foreigner Identity Card (TIE).
  • Modelo EX18  – Application for registration in the Central Registry of Foreigners_EU Citizen Residence.
  • Modelo EX19  – Application for a residence card for a family member of an EU citizen.
  • Modelo EX20  – Application for residence document Article 50 TEU for nationals of the United Kingdom.
  • Modelo EX21  – Application for residence document Article 50 TEU for third-country nationals who are relatives of United Kingdom nationals.
  • Modelo EX22  – Application for an Article 50 TEU permit for a border worker from the United Kingdom.
  • Modelo EX23  – Application for a foreigner identity card for nationals of the United Kingdom (TIE) and for their family members.


List of models in PDF format:  here enclosed, you have available the templates in a non-editable version so that you can print and fill them out yourself.

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