Guide to the most common procedures in Spain

The Ministry of the Interior considers it essential to provide citizens with adequate information on the services and procedures that are the responsibility of the Department. Thus, and in order to make known, clearly and concisely, the requirements that must be met to access these services, the Ministry of the Interior has chosen to publish a “Guide to Procedures”, whose mission is to bring the Administration to the citizen, ultimate client of the actions of all Public Administration.

For this reason, the Ministry of the Interior has gathered in this publication the procedures most requested by citizens, as well as the basic regulations that regulate them.

On the other hand, the continuous evolution of procedures and administrative organization will imply the annual review of this Guide. However, taking into account the facilities that new information technologies offer, on the website of the Ministry of the Interior you can find all the detailed and fully updated information on the procedures that are the competence of our Department.

This publication is available in both pdf and e-pub formats.


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