Main procedures in migrations in Spain

This section includes the conditions of entry, stay, studies, residence, family reunification, residence and work and other authorizations that foreign citizens from third States may obtain, without prejudice to the provisions of special laws and international treaties in those that Spain is part of.

Stay in Spain. Stay in Spain for a period of no more than 90 days (except in the case of studies, non-work practices or volunteering).
Temporary residence. Residence in Spain without working.
Family reunification.
Live and work in Spain.
Students, stay for research or training, student mobility, non-work practices and volunteering. Information on stay for foreigners who want to carry out any of these activities in Spain and for their families.
Residence authorizations for exceptional circumstances. (cases of rooting, humanitarian reasons, minors under guardianship who reach the age of majority without authorization and authorizations for women victims of gender violence).
Temporary residence of the foreigner who has voluntarily returned to his country. Residence or residence and work authorization that foreigners who have returned to their country of origin voluntarily or based on a voluntary return program will be able to obtain, once the validity of the non-return commitment has expired.
Modify an authorization. Information on authorization modifications.
Long-term residence. Authorizes to reside in Spain indefinitely and to work under the same conditions as Spaniards.
Return Authorization. It allows the exit from Spain and the return within a period not exceeding 90 days.
Minors. Information on procedures related to foreign minors.
Renewal of authorizations.
Collective management of contracts at source. Collective management allows the hiring of workers who are neither located nor residing in Spain, selected in their countries of origin from the generic offers presented by employers.
Youth mobility agreements.


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