Residence Program for Training in R + D + i

On September 27, 2013, the Law to support entrepreneurs and their internationalization was approved, which introduced a new framework for qualified immigration, which favors the international mobility of highly qualified professionals and is intended to attract talent and investment. foreign.


Non-EU foreigners who travel to Spain, or who, being holders of a stay and residence authorization, wish to carry out training, research, development and innovation activities in public or private entities can request a residence permit, in the following cases:

Research staff (article 13 of Law 14/2011, of June 1, on science, technology and innovation).
Scientific and technical personnel who carry out scientific research, development and technological innovation work in business entities or R & D & I centers established in Spain.
Researchers hosted within the framework of an agreement by public or private research organizations, under the conditions established by law.
Professors hired by universities, bodies or centers of higher education and research, or business schools established in Spain.
Types of permits, conditions and duration
Residence authorization: when the applicant is legally in Spain, he / she will obtain a permit for 2 years or for the duration of the contract if it is less, to reside and work throughout the national territory.

Where to submit the residence application?
Residence authorization: in the Large Companies and Strategic Groups Unit. UGE-CE

Necessary documents
General documents: consult General Information.
Specific documents for the Highly Qualified Professional:
Documents that prove in which case the contracting entity is included:
If it is a body to which the law refers (public universities; public research organizations, state and autonomous; universities and private entities in accordance with the first D.A. of the law).
If it is a business entity or R & D & I center established in Spain, you will need the report from the D.G. of Innovation and Competitiveness (MINECO).
If it is a public or private entity signing an agreement, under the conditions that are developed by regulation.
If it is a body or center for higher education and research.
If it is a business school established in Spain.
Present documentation that proves the professional relationship between entity and interested party.

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